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DRK135A Falling Dart Impact Tester

DRK135A Falling Dart Impact Tester

Product brand:  IDM
Detection project:  复合膜、塑料薄膜、纸张
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DRK135A Falling Dart Impact Tester is applicable in the impact result and energy measurement of the falling dart from a 

certain height against plastic films and sheets with thickness less than 1mm, which would result in 50% tested specimen 


Product details

DRK135A Falling Dart Impact Tester is applicable in the impact result and energy measurement of the falling dart from a certain height against plastic films and sheets with thickness less than 1mm, which would result in 50% tested specimen failure. 

Product features

1. Mechanical modelling novel, considerate operation design;

2. Comply with international standard and national standard both;

3. Two test methods integration: A & B. easy to use;

4. Electric gripped sample;

5. Micro computer processing experimental data, the intelligent experimental process, greatly improving the work efficiency;

Product Application
It is applicable to test the impact resistance properties of plastic film, sheet, composite film, with thickness less than 1mm, such as plastic wrap, stretch film, PET sheet, different food packaging bags, heavy bags, aluminum foil, aluminum compound packing film, paper and cardboard, etc. 

Technical standard
At the beginning of the test, choose test method, and estimate an initial mass and Δm. Start test. If the first specimen fails, decrease the mass of the falling dart by decreasing weight of Δm. If the first specimen is not a failure, add the mass of the falling dart by increasing weight of Δm. Test as the same. In brief, increase or decrease the Δm according to whether the former specimen is a failure or not. After 20 specimens, calculate the total number of failure specimens N. If N equals to 10, test over. If N is less than 10, add specimen and continue to test until N is equal to 10. If N is more than 10, add specimen and continue the test until the number of non-failure specimen is 10. Then the tester calculates the test results automatically according to special formula.
It complies with standards ASTM D1709, ISO 7765, JIS K7124, GB 9639.

Product parameter

Main fixtures

Standard: method A configuration, mini-printer, communication cable

Optional: method B configuration, mini-printer, communication cable

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