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DRK113Ring Crush Central Disc

DRK113Ring Crush Central Disc

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Ring Crush central disc is the sample cutter for the test of all kinds of paper and paperboard.


Product details

Product introduction

Ring Crush central disc is the sample cutter for the test of all kinds of paper and paperboard.


Product features

The sampling devices pleasing to look, compact structure, reasonable and effortless operation, easy to use.


Product application

Ring Crush central disc composed of sample base and a variety of different sizes of center disks.


Technical standards

It conforms to the standards of ISO 12192Paper and board -- Compressive strength -- Ring crush methodand GB/T 2679.8 Determination of the compressive strength of paper and cardboard ring


Product parameter

Ring groove width: 0.15mm-1.00 mm, 13 kinds of specifications, replacement different center of the disk can be measured in different thickness of the specimen.


Main fixtures

A set of central disc


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