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DRK0070-500  Ozone Tester

DRK0070-500 Ozone Tester

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Detection project:  Ozone Test
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This series of products applicable to non-metallic materials and rubber products.

Product details


This series of products applicable to non-metallic materials and rubber products.

Cabinet Type】

1.The box adopts CNC machining, surface antirust processing, cold rolling plate electrostatic spray, no back door handle, easy to operate.

2. In the table are made of SUS304 high quality mirror stainless steel plate, the frame adopts the high temperature aging silicon rubber insulation

3 The observation window uses multi-layer hollow toughened glass, the inside of the laminated film.

Mixing system

The long axis of the fan motor, high and low temperature resistant stainless steel multi wing impeller, to achieve the cycle of vertical diffusion in convective intensity. Built-in 360 degree rotating sample frame

Control Systems 

1. Imported digital touch button, PID microcomputer SSR temperature controller.

2. High precision hours, minutes, seconds time controller

3. Import concentration analysis regulator 4 ~ 20mA output, RS232 communication port

 4. Silent discharge tube type ozone generator, ozone concentration control using large screen LCD liquid crystal display.

Cooling system

1. The French "Taikang" of the original cooler using full closed compressor.


2. The refrigeration system uses the unit or two element type low temperature circuit system design. ?

3.The wing type powerful air circulation fan, to avoid any dead, can make the test area temperature and humidity distribution.

4.Wind road cycle out of the air return air design, wind pressure and wind speed are in line with standard test, and can make the door instantaneous temperature and humidity stabilization time is fast.

5.Heating, cooling, the system can improve efficiency, reduce testing costs, increase life expectancy, reduce failure rate.


Specifications and technical parameters


DSQY -500

Dimensions of working chamber



External dimensions





Temp. Range


Humidity range



Ozone concentration


Temperature fluctuation


 Testing apparatus

Dynamic, static (optional)

Sample frame speed

360 degree rotating sample frame (1 RPM)

Gas flow rate


Security protection

Leakage, short circuit, over temperature, motor overheating, over current protection

Supply voltage

AC380V±1050±0.5Hz TN-S


GB/T 11041/ISO 105-G03/AATCC 109

Ambient temperature



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