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DRK204A Film Thickness Tester

DRK204A Film Thickness Tester

Product brand:  Drick
Detection project:  织物缩水率试验
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Film Thickness Tester

Product details

Working performance

a. Resolution 0.1μm

b. Real-time data display: thickness value, maximum value, minimum value and data deviation

c. Auto-statistics: ten group data, each group 20 values

d. Printer: You can print individual values (thickness, maximum, minimum, and data deviations), or print statistical

 values (a set of experimental data)

e. Test: manual operate single test or continuous measurement - up to 20 times.

f. Speed: 1-10 times per minute (Adjustable)

g. Save data: 24 hours of uninterrupted storage.

h. High-end brand PLC controller, stable performance

i. Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz

j. Test environment: Temperature

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