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F0008 - Falling Dart Impact Tester

F0008 - Falling Dart Impact Tester

Product brand:  Drick
Detection project:  斜面摩擦系数测试
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Product details

The Falling Dart Impact Tester covers the determination of the energy that causes 

Polyethylene Film to fail under specified conditions, with the impact of a free-falling dart.

This energy is expressed in terms of weight (mass) of the dart falling from a specified 

height, which would result in 50% failure of specimens tested. For example: Using Method 

A, the unit employs a dart with a 38mm diameter hemispherical head, dropped from a 

height of 660mm. This unit may be used for films whose impact resistance requires 

masses of approximately 50gms to 2 kg to fracture them.

• Flexible films

• Easy to use
• Fast results
• Accurate

• Bench-mounted system
• Pneumatic clamping of films
• Two Darts as per method(s) required 
• Adjustable dart drop height
• Foot Switch for dart release
• Brass Weight set supplied
• Stainless Steel Cutting Template 200mmx200mm

• Test Method A: Aluminium Dart Head - 38mm (50g) 
   Drop Height – 660mm  
   Brass Weights supplied - 2x5g, 8x15g, 8x30g, 8x60g
• Test Method B: Stainless Steel Dart Head - 50mm (280g) 
   Drop Height – 1500mm  
   Brass Weights supplied - 2x15g, 8x45g, 8x90g
• Custom Brass Weights: Available upon request 
• Kinetic Energy Option 
  ASTM D4272: Total Energy Impact of Plastic Films.
  The Falling Dart Impact Kinetic energy option, is where 
  the existing F0008

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