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Plastic soft package testing instrument
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DRK8660 white meter

DRK8660 white meter

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WSB-L White meter for direct measurement of the degree of surface smoothness white objects or powder, 

is designed for the measurement of paper, plastic, starch, sugar and edible blue light whiteness of building 

materials and design.According to the selection of the wavelength of blue light filter to meet GB5950, GB2931, GB8940. L etc. requirements.The instrument uses a sliding barrel sample holder, LCD digital display, 

manual correction, there are easy to operate, reliable and practical features readings.


Product details

The main technical indicators:

Lighting receive mode:45/0 

Blue light center wavelength:457nm 

Receive mode: silicon photocell

Measuring range:0%一120% 

Zero Correction:manual potentiometerStandard value correction:manual potentiometer

Display: 3 half-LED

Accuracy: better than 1.5% of the soil 2

Repeatability: better than 0.3 

Stability: better than 0.2% of soil

Minimum reading: 0.1%

Power supply:220 V ±22V , 50 Hz±1Hz

Size:270 mm×300mm×740mm



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