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DRK251 Ageing Oven

DRK251 Ageing Oven

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DRK251 Ageing Oven heat resistance test for electrical insulating materials, electronic parts, plastic products, ventilation aging test.

Product details

DRK251 Ageing Oven heat resistance test for electrical insulating materials, electronic parts, plastic products, ventilation aging test. 

Product features
1、Thermal aging test chamber box CNC machining, elegant design, innovative and adopt counterproductive handle, easy to operate. 

2、 Box liner made of imported high grade stainless steel (SUS304) mirror panels or 304B TIG box outside the gallbladder using A3 steel spray increased the appearance of texture and cleanliness. 

3、 Using intelligent temperature protection program microcomputer controller with timing function, accurate and reliable temperature control. 

4、Large observation window attached lights kept inside and bright, and the use of tempered glass, at any time clearly observed inside the situation. 

5、Hot air circulation system consists of continuous operation at high temperatures, fans and special duct, the work indoor temperature is uniform. 

6、Aging box device with low-speed dial. 

7 、Cotton thermal aging chamber cabinet insulation with ultra-fine glass fiber insulation, you can avoid unnecessary energy loss. 

8、Ventilation time and frequency can be set arbitrarily.

Product application
Thermal aging chamber for heat resistance test of electrical insulating materials, electronic parts, plastic products ventilation aging test 

Technical standards
Instrument complies with JB7444-1994 GB/T3512-2001 and other relevant standards and regulations 

Product parameters
Main fixtures
Mainframe, operating manual, Certificate of quality

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