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Medical device packaging is a product that directly contacts medical devices and forms a barrier for microbes and external environment. The materials mainly include paper-plastic bags, composite plastic bags, plastic boxes, glass, and metal products. Due to the particularity of materials and applications, medical devices have high requirements for packaging. They not only need to meet the basic physical and chemical performance requirements, but also need to withstand the test of sterilization environment and maintain sterility within a certain period of time. surroundings.

The packaging testing instrument produced by Derek is suitable for the detection of medical devices. It can not only test the thickness, stretch, peel, puncture, tear, impact, water vapor transmission and other properties of the packaging materials, but also the whole package. The inspection of sealing, leakage and sealing strength, torque, heat sealing and other items can fully control the entire packaging process such as proper control of medical device packaging materials, production process control and finished product effect detection.

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