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The quality and processing technology of food packaging raw materials have a direct impact on the storage, transportation and shelf life safety of food. The thickness, tensile properties, puncture resistance, impact resistance and heat shrinkability of packaging materials are the basis for the realization of the functions of packaging protection contents; the barrier properties such as gas barrier and moisture barrier are related to the quality of food shelf life, which is the oxidative deterioration of food. Important factors affecting quality problems such as bagging, deliquescence, rancidity, and weight loss; solvent packaging, evaporation residue, potassium permanganate consumption and other food packaging hygiene indicators affect the safety of food itself, and are related to food safety and human health. Key monitoring and testing items; torque and tear performance affect consumer experience satisfaction; while friction coefficient, heat sealing parameters, cooking performance and other items are closely related to packaging line efficiency.

Food packaging safety means food safety. In recent years, people have paid more attention to food safety. How to ensure “close-fitting clothing” – the quality and safety of food packaging has increasingly become the focus of industry and consumers, and the focus of national supervision. However, food packaging quality control is a complex and systematic project, and professional testing equipment is an important tool for packaging quality assurance.

Derek has been committed to the technical research and development and service of plastic flexible packaging quality testing. It has a full set of professional testing equipment tailored for food packaging. The testing items cover thickness, water vapor transmission rate, gas permeability, stretching, peeling, Tearing, impact, puncture, heat sealing, heat bonding, heat shrinking, cooking, sealing and leakage, torque, friction coefficient, adhesion to the ink layer, abrasion resistance, initial adhesion, stickiness, light transmittance/haze, Solvent residue, evaporation residue, potassium permanganate consumption, decolorization test and other food packaging physical and chemical properties testing, can solve the food product packaging quality control, packaging production line adaptability, finished product quality control and other comprehensive food packaging Quality Inspection.

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