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Paper and Packaging Industry

 Drick lab testing Instruments are widely using in the paper and packaging industries to maintain the production quality and standard. We provide following lab testing instrument for paper and packaging industries:

1.      Compression Tester


2.      Bursting Strength Tester


3.      Crush Tester


4.      Tensile Strength Tester


5.      Tearing Strength Tester


6.      Smoothness Tester


7.      Puncture Tester


8.      Folding Tester


9.      Internal Plybond Tester


10.   Coefficient of Friction Tester


11.   Softness Tester


12.   Drop Tester


13.   Stiffness Tester


14.   Brightness Meter


15.   Paper Air Permeability


16.   Beating Pulp Tester


17.   Paper Dust Tester


18.   Cobb Absorbency Tester


19.   Thickness Tester


20.   Color Assessment Cabinet


21.   Moisture Meter


22.   Electric Centrifuge


23.   Solvent Moisture Tester



24.   DRKPL6 Hand sheet Former


25.   Concora Medium Fluter

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