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Company Introduction


Shandong Drick Instruments Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in design, development, manufacturing, and sales of testing instruments and provides complete quality control solutions for paper, packaging, plastic, rubber materials and products.  Our instruments are mainly using in scientific research institutions, quality inspection institutions, colleges and universities, packaging, paper making, printing, rubber and plastic, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, textile, and other industries. Drick pays attention to talent cultivation and team building, adhering to the development concept of professionalism, dedication, pragmatism, and innovation. We adhere to the customer-oriented principle, solve the most urgent and practical needs of customers, and provide first-class solutions to customers with high-quality products and advanced technology.


Production License and Import-Export License

Production license of measuring instruments manufactured by the People's Republic of China(lU SYSTEM No.01000127 )

Import-Export right (Trading code: 3700759179915)


Quality Management System Certification

ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification(registration number:06712Q10209R0S)

Metrological testing system certification(2008 enterprise standard enterprise certificate no. 0007)


CE Certificates

Tensile Tester CE Certificate(005010031226h)    Crush Tester CE Certificate(005010061288y)

Bursting Tester CE Certificate(005010061289z)   Whiteness Tester CE Certificate(005010031228j)

Box Compression Tester CE Certificate(ESC/08080339c)

Folding Resistance Meter CE Certificate(ESC/10011206p)

Haze Meter CE Certificate(ESC/08120539g)        Melt Flow Index CE Certificate(ESC/09121162y)


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